Hoop Pine CD F14 Structural Plywood 2400 Long

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Introducing Hoop Pine Structural CD F14 Plywood:

CD Structural Plywood provides a versatile solution for a multitude of purposes, making it an indispensable asset in a range of projects. Whether you're crafting furniture, engaging in carpentry work, pursuing decorative endeavours, or tackling industrial and DIY projects, its adaptability ensures exceptional results.

Beyond its versatility, CD Structural Plywood boasts remarkable structural integrity, rendering it an ideal choice for demanding applications such as roofing, flooring, and wall sheathing. Its robust construction and reliability make it a trusted option for projects where durability and performance are paramount.

  • C Face: A meticulously sanded solid surface, ideal for painting and other non-decorative applications, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • D Face: Un-sanded yet sturdy, this non-appearance grade accommodates permitted unfilled knot imperfections, offering functionality without sacrificing strength.

Available in the following sheet thicknesses:

2400 x 1200 – F14
7mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 25mm

Technical Information:

This plywood adheres to rigorous manufacturing standards outlined in AS/NZS 2269, ensuring consistent quality and performance. Bonded with "A-Bond" Phenolic adhesive, it offers exceptional durability and stability. With a face grade of "C" and a back grade of "D", it strikes a balance between appearance and functionality.

Featuring a stress grade of F14, it's designed to withstand substantial loads and pressures. Sourced from plantation Hoop Pine and adhering to PEFC Controlled Wood standards, it aligns with sustainability principles. Additionally, its EWPAA Certificate guarantees compliance with industry benchmarks.

Customer Reviews

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Tom Burrell
Hoop pine CD ply f14

It was probably the best example of this grade of ply that I have used. I made some workshop cabinetry with draws and the job was perfect. The availability and price was way better than at the big green store. I hope you're not going anywhere, 'cause I'll be back. The service was brilliant.

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