easyULTRA VJ100 Wet Area Internal Lining


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Introducing easyULTRA: Your Ultimate Solution for High-Moisture Interior Spaces

Crafted with precision for high-moisture interior applications, easyULTRA ensures unparalleled durability and reliability in environments prone to moisture and humidity.

Key Features:

  • EasyVJ Profile with 100mm Spacing: Boasting a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, the EasyVJ profile adds a touch of modern elegance to any space.
  • Hidden Tongue and Groove Easyjoin System: Experience effortless installation with our innovative hidden tongue and groove system, guaranteeing seamless joins for a professional finish.
  • Pre-Primed for Quick and Hassle-Free Setup: Save time and energy with our pre-primed panels, ready for painting upon installation, eliminating the need for additional preparation steps.
  • Exceptional Impact Resistance: Withstanding the test of time, easyULTRA surpasses traditional plasterboard by 300%, ensuring superior protection against impacts.
  • Consistent Board Surface: Enjoy a flawless surface devoid of imperfections like knot holes, splitting, or splinters, ensuring a polished look every time.
  • Proudly Made in Australia: Supporting sustainability, easyULTRA is proudly made in Australia using locally sourced timber species, promoting environmental responsibility.

Comparison to Traditional Plasterboard:

  • No Joint Sealing or Sanding Required: Save valuable time and effort with easyULTRA, as it eliminates the need for joint sealing or sanding.
  • Pre-Primed Surface for Faster Coating: Speed up your project with our pre-primed surface, facilitating quicker and easier final coating.
  • easyjoin System Reduces Installation Time by 50%: Enjoy streamlined installation with our easyjoin system, cutting installation time in half compared to traditional methods.


  • Interior Wet Areas: Specifically designed for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries, easyULTRA provides unparalleled durability in high-moisture environments.
  • Residential and Commercial Settings: Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces prone to high-moisture and humidity, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Commercial Spaces: Suitable for use in restrooms, open kitchens, bar areas, and more, easyULTRA offers versatility and reliability in various commercial settings.
  • Fixing as a New Wall or Over Existing Walls: Whether fixing as a new wall over a stud frame or upgrading existing walls, easyULTRA offers flexibility and ease of installation.

Transform your interior with easyULTRA—a reliable and efficient solution engineered to withstand the challenges of high-moisture environments.

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To discover the full range of possibilities, explore the brochure: Product Brochure
For detailed installation instructions, refer to the installation guide: easyCraft Installation Guide

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