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Black Film Faced Plywood, akin to its structural counterpart, Form Plywood, lacks a structural rating, rendering it unsuitable for structural formwork applications. Crafted from a blend of mixed hardwood and pine, our plywood core combines strength and versatility for optimal performance. The film ply features a resilient resin-impregnated paper overlay, akin to form ply, delivering durability and longevity. While not certified to specific stress grades like form ply, our film-face plywood is non-structural-rated, making it a popular choice in the concrete formwork industry where certified plywood is not mandatory.

Bonded with a robust A-type marine adhesive, our plywood guarantees exceptional durability and reliability. We prioritize the highest standards for our overlays, ensuring superior quality and performance. With minimal water permeability, our plywood offers reliable protection against moisture, maintaining its integrity even in humid conditions.

Our bonding process ensures a strong and lasting connection, providing stability and resilience in various applications. Our plywood exhibits excellent alkaline resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

Available in varying thicknesses to accommodate diverse needs, this plywood boasts a black film coating on both sides and is bonded with A Bond Exterior Glues. Its non-structural rating does not compromise its utility; instead, it ensures versatility and adaptability in a multitude of projects.

Designed for non-structural applications, this plywood excels where strength and durability are paramount. Whether for Non Loadbearing Formwork, Curved Formwork, Horse Stables, Furniture, or Durable Work Benches, Black Film Faced Plywood delivers reliability and performance.

Elevate your creations with Black Film Faced Plywood—a testament to quality, durability, and versatility in every application.

9 mm 2400 x 1200 Smooth / Raw  Mixed hardwood & pine
12 mm 2400 x 1200 Smooth / Smooth
 Mixed hardwood & pine
17 mm 2400 x 1200 Smooth / Smooth
 Mixed hardwood & pine
17 mm 2400 x 1200 Non Slip Texture / Smooth


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