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Introducing STRUCTApanel H2: Engineered with the same durable resins renowned in our market-leading STRUCTAflor particleboard flooring, STRUCTApanel H2 12mm offers a high-performance solution for various applications.

Designed primarily for flooring underlay, this 12mm thick panel delivers exceptional performance, consistency, flatness, and durability, surpassing alternatives in the market. Its superior nail and staple holding capability ensure a secure foundation for your flooring projects.

Beyond flooring, STRUCTApanel finds potential applications in packaging and crating, providing a reliable alternative to traditional plywood and OSB options. Treated with H2 for termite resistance, it offers added durability and peace of mind.

Available as a flat sheet or in two profiled options to enhance aesthetic appeal, STRUCTApanel H2 is your versatile solution for demanding projects where performance and reliability are paramount.

Please note that this product is non-structural and should not be directly fixed to joists or battens.


  • Ideal for SIPS 
  • Suitable for boxes and packaging solutions
  • Perfect for internal lining in sheds and garages
  • Square Edge design for versatile installation options

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