MDF Board / Craftwood Raw


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MDF Board, or Medium-density fibreboard, represents an engineered wood marvel, crafted by refining hardwood or softwood residuals into fine wood fibres. These fibres are then combined with wax and a resin binder, forming panels through a process of high temperature and pressure. Notably, MDF tends to be denser than plywood.

MDF is synonymous with exceptional quality, meticulously manufactured and machined to ensure uniformity in weight, size, and strength. Its distinctive feature lies in its absence of grain or knots, which eliminates the risk of chipping or splintering during drilling or cutting operations. Moreover, its pre-sanded finish facilitates effortless painting or the application of veneers, enhancing its versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Standard MDF sheeting finds its niche across a spectrum of interior applications within cabinet making, shop fitting, furniture, and building industries. From display cabinets to wall panels and storage units, its adaptability shines through, offering a reliable solution for interior projects. It's important to note that MDF is recommended for interior use only, where its unmatched qualities can truly shine.

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