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Introducing our All-Purpose Silicone:

Our All-Purpose Silicone is the perfect choice for sealing joints in Mr Wet Wall panels, offering superior sealing, waterproofing, and bonding properties while effectively protecting against mould and mildew.

Key Features:

  1. Available in White or Clear Options:

    • Choose from white or clear silicone options to suit your aesthetic preferences and project requirements.
  2. Suitable for Sealing, Waterproofing, and Bonding Applications:

    • Versatile silicone formula that is suitable for a variety of applications, including sealing, waterproofing, and bonding.
  3. Strong Adhesion to Various Surfaces:

    • Provides strong adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, including ceramics, glass, aluminium, PVC, stainless steel, timber, concrete, and more, ensuring secure and durable bonds.
  4. Ideal for Wet Areas and Moisture-Prone Environments:

    • Perfect for use in wet areas and areas prone to moisture, offering reliable protection against water ingress and moisture damage.
  5. Long-Lasting Performance and Durability:

    • Offers long-lasting performance and durability, providing a reliable sealing solution for your projects that withstands the test of time.

Choose our silicone for its versatility, strong adhesion, and durability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications in both wet and dry environments.

Achieve reliable and professional results with our All-Purpose Silicone, the ultimate all-rounder silicone suitable for a broad range of applications. For best results, ensure surfaces are clean and non-porous using Soudal Cleaner & Degreaser before application.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Quality Neutral Cure:

    • Our silicone offers high-quality neutral cure formulation, ensuring superior performance and longevity in various applications.
  2. Roof & Gutter:

    • Ideal for sealing and guttering, providing reliable waterproofing and protection against the elements.
  3. Kitchen & Bathroom:

    • Perfect for sealing baths, sinks, toilets, showers, plumbing fixtures, and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces, offering excellent resistance to moisture.
  4. Glass & Glazing:

    • Suitable for sealing around windows, display cabinets, frames, and architraves, ensuring secure adhesion and durability.
  5. Mould Resistant:

    • Features mould-resistant properties, providing added protection against mould and mildew growth in damp environments.
  6. Water Potable:

    • Safe for use in applications involving contact with potable water, ensuring compatibility with water supply systems.
  7. Food Safe (Clear and White Color):

    • Clear and white color options are certified as food-safe, making them suitable for use in environments where food contact may occur, such as kitchens or food preparation areas.

Experience peace of mind and reliability with our silicone, offering a range of features and benefits to meet your sealing needs in various settings.


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